Confidence, The Essence of Style

The first step to pulling it off is putting it on…


A comment I often receive about the clothes I wear is, “Gracey, only you could pull that look off.” I  absolutely love to hear those words- it must mean I am doing something right. It means that my style is unique, that I am stepping outside of the box. That small statement validates what I always hope is true of what I am sporting; my look isn’t something anybody would think of wearing. It is disappointing, though, to discover that girls truly believe that they couldn’t wear something because it is “too edgy” or “too bold” for them, or they are anxious that they might get judged. I say just go for it!

Other people’s speculations about the way you express yourself should be irrelevant. Wear the clothes you prefer to wear. It’s as simple as that. (But a little ironic coming from a fashion blog.) Don’t let opinions of randoms determine your style, because it is yours and only yours. To mimic others just because you are afraid of what they could potentially say or think is outrageous! People cannot have any control over the way you dress. Only you have the ability to express your personal style, so do it! You just need to know how to pull looks off, and luckily, it is not challenging. It’s all about self-assuredness!

Confidence really is key. The only trick to stop people from questioning your new daring outfit choices and convince them that they are the next big thing is to wear them with certainty. Stand up straight and strut it out like you are walking the runway. If that seems intimidating, then fake the sureness. “Fake it till you make it,” is the phrase I live by. If I am trying out an especially eye-catching pair of shoes, I must fabricate a sense of assurance before genuinely feeling it, and that is completely okay. Eventually, creating a faux feeling of surety won’t be necessary. Confidence is the difference between being a trendsetter and a follower.

Be you, dress the way you want to dress, do it without showing an ounce of doubt, and the rest will follow. Stop making decisions that are based off of what you think others would want to see, because you cannot set trends by following them! So, to the girl that sees an outfit she loves but thinks, “Only she could wear that,” I leave you with this; you can dress yourself however you desire, as long as you do so with fearlessness.

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