Take it to the Next Level

5 ways to make your bland outfit edgy

1. Throw on some fishnets! Fishnet tights, a shirt, or socks can take a look from boring to uber fun. Perfect for layering under any t-shirt or jeans, this trendy item will automatically spice up your ensemble!

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2. Layer Jewelry. Stacking necklaces is a fun way to draw more attention to your look. Wearing jewelry is easy and it adds depth to your outfit without appearing to be trying too hard. You can try some funky statement pieces on a simpler outfit to jazz it up, and more basic accessories to balance with bolder clothes.

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3. Wear a black belt. Belts with huge buckles are having a moment right now, so seize it! This small adornment can do wonders for drab clothes. Give life to your most stale look and slap on a belt.

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4. A denim or leather jacket will immediately contribute a trendy vibe to your dress. These items are easy to find, if not already owned, so toss one on to add some zing.

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5. Glasses can instantly take your fit to a new level. Grab a pair of clear glasses from a thrift store so you can try out the trend. If you are spending your day outside, a funky pair of sunnies will do.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb2 preset



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