Ensembles in Film

These iconic movies and television shows have equally iconic costumes…

The Devil Wears PradaANNE HATHAWAY THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA (2006)This movie is for anyone that likes fashion, and it’s my personal favorite! The designer accoutrements are amazing, and who doesn’t love Anne Hathaway?


Atomic Blondeatomic-blonde-charlize-theron-white-trench-coatAlthough I’ve never seen this movie, my mother insisted that I put Atomic Blonde on this list. After looking through photos I realized why. From her Dior heels to her Mui Mui shades, this spy is very stylish.


Clueless  Alicia-Silverstone-CluelessYou think I could forget about Clueless? Ugh, as if! The outfits in this 90’s film are beyond amazing.  Cher and Dion are most definitely the best dressed high schoolers I’ve ever seen. Everyone should aspire to be on their level.


Heatherslead_largeThis 80’s film may be a bit dark, but the costume choices are anything but! And the shoulder pads definitely make a fashion statement.


Star Wars: Attack of the Cloneshttp___3.bp.blogspot.com_-djQAscxQBGI_TaJgDHYmz5I_AAAAAAAAAAk_1sL1wEQbscE_s1600_padme_pastel_large All of Padme’s costumes are incredible. I was struggling to choose just one to show! Most people hate the prequels, but I love this one just because her beautiful dresses and badass gear are so intricately designed. It is worth the watch for this very reason.


Gossip Girlcetkbacg372fal0rlhe8It will forever be a dream of mine to have Blair and Serena’s closets. Not one day passes that these two are unfashionable. The clothing choices in this TV series are flawless.


American Horror Story: Coveno-AMERICAN-HORROR-STORY-COVEN-facebookThe witches in this season of American Horror Story are extremely chic. When watching Coven, pay close attention to Madison Montgomery, played by Emma Roberts, who is especially stylish.


Girlbossgirlboss4This recent Netflix series about the creator of Nasty Gal is all about fashion. It is a fun, light show that features a remarkably swanky lead.



elizabeth-montgomery-5The 60’s TV show has some marvelous mod looks. Bright colors, geometric shapes, and big belts were all in main character Samantha’s wardrobe.


Sex and the Citysex-and-the-city-landscape-4-1When discussing what movies and series’ featured the best looks, I wouldn’t dare forget to mention Sex and the City. These four best friends also happen to be four of the best dressed women in film!



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