SS18 Fashion Weeks Highlights

This fashion month was one for the books. From Chanel to Off-White, the spring/summer 2018  runway shows were all-around incredible. Here are just a few of the highlights from the unforgettable shows.

Valentino: Besides the flowy and glittering dresses, the accessories are what  really caught the eye. The jackets and bags in Valentino’s collection stole the show.


Off-White: Textures were everything in Virgil Abloh’s show. The combination between denim, leather, and tulle balanced nicely to create some outstanding looks.IMG_1212


Louis Vuitton: One piece in the Louis collection stood out from the rest, a Stranger Things shirt. This t-shirt was styled to fit into the runway show perfectly, while still adding a bit of flare.IMG_1219


Giambattista Valli: There isn’t much I can say about the beautiful flowy dresses because they really spoke for themselves.


Miu Mui: The styling of the Mui Mui show perfected each look. The models walked out with dramatic winged eyeliner and puffy hair, giving the collection a 50’s vibe that made the show.


Balenciaga: These.IMG_1224


FentyXPuma: The entire line was fabulous and had the look everyone wants now, cute athletic clothes that can be worn anywhere. The styling made Rihanna’s line chic and sexy, while still appearing sporty. Here are a few of the best looks:


Dior: You couldn’t miss the fully checkered outfits worn in the Dior show for SS18. An equally bold piece was the “Why Have There Been No Great Woman Artists” shirt. Truly iconic.


Versace: The key to Versace’s runway show were the patterns. From the Vogue print, to the animal print, then over to the butterflies. Each captured the eye but weren’t too busy. A perfect balance.


ACNE: ACNE’s uses of pastels combined with masculine silhouettes created the perfect combination. The colors and shapes completed the looks.


Chanel: I could go on and on about the Chanel show. It was absolutely beautiful. The consistent use of tweed and clear vinyl pulled the line together. The pastels gave it a springy feel. My favorite item was a subtle, clear ruffled raincoat. And here are some other legendary looks from the runway show.



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