Staying warm and fashionable can be really tricky when cold months come around, so layering becomes a necessity! Here are a few ways to avoid the cold while keeping chic…

  1. Add a Turtleneck

Whether its under a Tshirt or a jacket, this is a trendy way to add an extra layer.


2. Accessorize

This is a key ingredient to every outfit. Scarves and hats can add style as well as warmth.


3. Statement Coats

You can NEVER have enough statement coats. Wild coats from colorful furs to huge puffers will not only keep you toasty, but they add major flair to any outfit.


4. Comfy Socks

Socks are obviously a staple item, but adding a cute pair to peek out of the top of your boots can make you more cozy while bringing a lil twist to the fit.


5. Stack Jackets

This is a definite way of keeping snug in the cold. It’s also an uber fun way to play with color and fabrics while layering. Don’t be afraid to go bold.



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