Make a Statement in 2018

Honestly, statement pieces are the best things to have in your closet. They add personality and spunk to any average outfit. They can take you from boring to dazzling. Funky items raise you to a whooooole other level. But… what if… you wore not one but multiple statement pieces in a single outfit?? I can guarantee that you’ll see all of your favorite fashion icons doing this in 2018. One piece just doesn’t cut it anymore. Mixing and matching your head-turning accoutrements doesn’t just raise the level, it changes the game. And the name of the game is standing out. Keep reading to find out how to pull this off in the new year!

Replace denim with different textures or patterns. No, I don’t mean throw out all of your jeans. They are a basic that will literally never go out of style, but to add a twist try a different pair of pants every once in a while. Maybe go for leather, plaid, camo, or the returning trend, parachute pants! Any of these are simple enough to not steal the show from another crazy piece, but can hold their own when it comes to trendiness.

You can easily ruin an outfit by wearing it with the wrong shoe. Don’t do that. A shoe is a statement in itself, and the style needs to go with the look you are aiming for! Have fun with your shoes, but make sure it’s the right fit.

Accessorize and layer. Take advantage of the colder months when you can wear bulky scarves and colorful gloves. Throw on a trendy hat, like a beret or a captain hat. (If you haven’t yet, read my post on layering here and put your own unique twist on it.) When it starts to get warmer experiment with fun jewelry to add more flair to an already fascinating fit.

Lastly, when it comes to the basics, don’t be basic! Don’t wear a boring t-shirt, under your otherwise fabulous clothes. It will dull the entire look. Instead, try a subtle pattern that works to highlight colors in your outfit, or a fun silhouette that still fits well overall. And don’t be afraid to mix patterns (to an extent). Basically, be creative with this, and if you’re unsure, all you have to do is wear it with confidence!

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