How to Dress During Changing Seasons

It’s beyond irritating when you don’t know what to wear because the weather is inconsistent. And that’s a common problem as the seasons change. What do you do when it’s winter but feels like Spring?  Keep reading for a few tips on how to dress in season, even when the weather is not.

1. Layer

When it’s cold in the morning and hot in the afternoon, just wear your fun coat over your t-shirt and problem solved. For real, I think layering is the key to solving every problem. (Plus you can click the link here for that blog post.)

2. Choose Fabrics Wisely

The whole look can be changed when you swap cotton for suede. Choosing Wintery fabrics allows you to wear less clothing when its warm out, but you’ll still be in season. Some suggestions are suede, velvet, fleece, and fur. You can google it to find more.

3. Colors and Patterns Matter

Similar to fabrics, the color of your clothing plays a huge role in which season they should be worn. Definitely avoid the classic Spring pastels and florals and shoot for deeper tones. You can also still spice things up with patterns. Some Winter go-to’s are plaid and animal print. Once again, you can find more on google.

4. Mixing Light and Heavy

You simply can not wear shorts and a tank top in the middle of winter, no matter the weather. The world does not work that way. If you’re going for a t-shirt on top, than stick with something heavier on the bottom, like denim. If you’re going with a mini skirt, all it takes is a light sweater. It’s all about balance.

5. Shoes

Just.. like.. don’t wear sandals.

*but remember there are always exceptions… so don’t take it too seriously. honestly just wear what you want and have fun with it

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