Ethical Brands (Pt. 1)

Everything we do has an effect on the world around us. Choosing environmentally friendly brands instead of your go-to fast fashion stores is a simple way to decrease your carbon footprint and care for the Earth. These unique labels are not only better for the environment than most of the industry’s giant brands, but they are also super cute. Here are 27 (organized by apparel, denim, shoes, swim, and accessories) ethical brands that are giving back to Mother Nature.



  1. Reformation reformation
  2. Rag & Bone
  3. DÔENdoen
  4. Mara Hoffmanmara
  5. OfAKindofakind
  6. Raven + Lilyravenlily
  7. Stella McCartneystella
  8. Edunedun
  9. People Treepeopletree
  10. Older Brotherolderbro
  11. Shrimpsshrimps
  12. Maison Cleomaison


  1. Levi’sIMG_3249
  2. Nudie JeansIMG_3250
  3. Kings of Indigo


  1. VejaIMG_3253
  2. CoclicoIMG_3254
  3. Marais USAIMG_3255


  1. Fisch SwimIMG_3256
  2. VYB SwimIMG_3257
  3. Elle EvansIMG_3258
  4. Free Bella SwimIMG_3259
  5. EllissIMG_3260


  1. Pamela LoveIMG_3261 2
  2. Vrai + OroIMG_3262
  3. Carla ColourIMG_3263 2
  4. Dick MobyIMG_3264


Show the Earth some love and shop these brands plus many many more. And thrifting is always a great option 🙂 Also get ready for pt.2 which will be socially aware brands rather than environmentally aware!


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